May Chan Looking Very Different After Shedding 121 Lbs

may Chan
Photos: siupochankakai/ Instagram

It’s great to see I’ve Got the Power 超能使者 actress May Chan looking so fit and trying new things. In the past, the 38-year-old who’s more fondly known as Siu Po has always leaned on the heavier side, becoming known for her comedic roles and plus-size physique. And she’s definitely no stranger to trying out different ways to lose weight.

These days it looks like she’s finally hit her stride and found one that clearly suits her and her lifestyle best. Aside from working out, May has said she’d cut down on “mukbang” livestreams and switched to healthy eating instead. She’s happy to say it’s helped her regain her health this year. The TVB actress who weighed as high as 286 Lbs at one point recently shared she not only shed 121 Lbs, she’s also taken up horseback riding for the first time!

May Chan with 97 in Japan

For her horseback riding post, May drew a lot of complements even if she was just wearing a simple black hoodie and leggings. Since then, she’s also taken to social media to show off her swimsuit bod and even tried out a wedding gown for the first time. Let’s see what new things she’ll be trying next.

Source: siupochankakai / Instagram

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