“Kill My Sins” Sees Liu Shishi in the Tang Dynasty as a Heroine Plotting Revenge

Kill My Sins
Kill My Sins

Ya’ll know the Youku Conference means one thing .. tons of updates regarding new dramas and new drops from already announced shows! One of those in particular is the historical suspense Kill My Sins 掌心 starring Cecilia Liu Shishi opposite Shawn Dou who has been cast to play her male lead. Filming for the series already kicked off back in March 2024 and remains ongoing.

Kill My Sins

Kill My Sins Synopsis

With the runaway success of her comeback drama A Journey to Love, the 37-year-old actress has proven that the historical genre is where she truly shines. Returning with a brand new historical suspense set during the Tang dynasty, Liu Shishi plays a travelling doctor called Ye Ping’an who finds herself in the capital Luoyang under mysterious circumstances. Hailing from a medical family, she was accused of being a witch doctor due to her strange and unusual “remedies”.

Kill My Sins

Meanwhile, Shawn Dou plays a low born young magistrate called Yuan Shaocheng. Although he’s talented, he’s unable to gain respect because of the circumstances of his birth. This led him to become a power hungry ruthless magistrate who seizes any opportunity to get up the ladder. When a mysterious death puts Ye Ping’an as the only person in the crime scene, is she the wrongly accused scapegoat or is it just the opening move in her meticulously crafted plans for revenge.

Xuan Lu

Kill My Sins features a pretty solid cast that includes Zheng Yecheng, Xuan Lu, Xu Jiao, Zhang Yuxi, Chen Jin, Wang Zhifei and Huang Haibing rounding off the supporting roles.

Kill My Sins supporting cast

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