Leon Lai’s Ex-Wife Gaile Lok Shows Off Toned Bod

Gaile Lok
Leon Lai’s Ex-Wife Gaile Lok Shows Off Toned Bod
Leon Lai’s Ex Gaile Lok shows off her toned bod

Call it revenge bod or something but you wouldn’t think Chinese-Vietnamese model Gaile Lok just came out of her second divorce last year. The 43-year-old looks absolutely fantastic in the photos she’d shared recently on Chinese social media site Xiaohongshu, posing in a sexy backless dress in one whilst going absolutely bare on top in the other, proving that she isn’t one to let two failed marriages slow her down. 

Before marrying and divorcing her businessman second ex-husband Ian Chu, Gaile was previously referred to as the “Heavenly King’s Wife” when she was still in a high profile marriage to Hong Kong super star Leon Lai. They’d met whilst shooting a music video and started dating after his public breakup from actress Shu Qi.  Unfortunately for the couple, the marriage didn’t stick and ended in divorce in 2012. Moving on from the failed marriage, Gaile then married Ian Chu in 2017. They have a son named Hunter who was born in 2019.

Now that she’s single though, it doesn’t appear Gaile’s in any hurry to jump back to the dating pool preferring instead to focus her efforts on her son and on restarting her modeling career.

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