Dawn Chen Fangtong and Dai Gaozheng Reunite for Their Third Drama

Dawn Chen Fangtong and Dai Gaozheng Reunite for Third Drama

Today, on May 10th, marks the commencement of filming for a new short drama, “Jinsheng Yuni.” Produced by Tang Star Media, the same team behind 2023’s “Forever Love” and “2022’s “Maid’s Revenge,” this production marks the reunion of the two leads Dawn Chen Fangtong and Dai Gaozheng. Dai Gaozheng, three years younger than Chen Fangtong, have proven heir chemistry in past dramas, and it’s exciting to witness their collaboration once again. After all, the two have found their niche with the rise of Chinese short dramas, known for their quick-paced storytelling.

Jinsheng Yuni (金生雨你)

There’s not much info about the show yet, but thus far, it seems to be following a tried and tested formula. Dawn Chen Fangtong once again plays the pampered daughter of a wealthy family as Bu Yan. She was raised in luxury, but due to an unexpected “twist of fate,” she finds herself in dire straits. Dai Gaozheng plays He Yuchen, a man who has to law low, yet refuses to accept his circumstances.

Forever Love (盲心千金)

Lin Xintong, heiress to Lin Guofu’s fortune, defies her father’s wishes by falling for Chi Shan, a man of humble means. Their engagement day takes a shocking turn when Lin Xintong is kissed by a mysterious stranger and learns of her father’s tragic death. Qin Moyao, accused of the murder, seeks Lin Xintong’s help to clear his name. Amidst conspiracy and betrayal, Lin Xintong’s relationship with Qin Moyao deepens. As she uncovers Chi Shan’s affair and misunderstands Qin Moyao’s intentions, love, jealousy, and revenge entangle her. It’s only after hurting Qin Moyao that Lin Xintong realizes his unwavering protection.

Maid’s Revenge (千金丫环)

Dong Ting Yao, once the cherished daughter of a prominent family, faces tragedy when her family is massacred. Following her father’s last wish, she seeks refuge with her betrothed, Fang Yu Ze. However, suspicions arise when Yu Ze’s powerful uncle, Fang Tian Yi, appears at their home. Convinced he’s responsible for her family’s death, Ting Yao plots revenge. Despite facing obstacles, including being replaced by her half-sister as Yu Ze’s fiancée, Ting Yao perseveres in her quest for justice against the formidable Fang Tian Yi. Will she succeed in overcoming the man who seems to block her at every turn?

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