Wallace Chung to Play Xiao Zhan’s Dad in The Lost Tomb Spinoff “Zang Hai Zhuan”

Wallace Chung in The General and I and Xiao Zhan in The Longest Promise

So what do we think about Wallace Chung playing Xiao Zhan’s dad in the upcoming costume historical Zang Hai Zhuan 藏海传? The 49-year-old Hong Kong actor looks pretty good and well maintained for his age that it might actually be a bit of a stretch to imagine him playing a dad. Whilst he can honestly still pass for a much younger man, critics have been after him for years for continuing to play the male lead in costume historicals. I suppose with him in the role of Xiao Zhan’s dad in the newest spinoff to The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles aka The Lost Tomb franchise by author Kennedy Xu, critics are finally getting their wish.

Before developing his career in China, Wallace Chung actually made his TV debut in the 1993 TVB drama The Chord to Victory. The actor eventually found his way to Taiwan in pursuit of a singer career. In fact, many people don’t realise this but the actor actually made a brief appearance in the original 2001 version of Meteor Garden as A Song. Over the years, he slowly made his way up to leading man roles, appearing in dramas such as Sunshine with Me opposite actress Tang Yan and in the much debated drama General and I with Angelababy.

Aside from Wallace, Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen who has that perennially youthful face will be playing Xiao Zhan’s mum. Given how the story follows a protagonist who takes revenge after losing his entire family in his youth, it’s unlikely either parent will have scenes with the 30-year-old actor.

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