Vengo Gao and Leon Leong Head Up Fantasy Series “Ya She” Based on a Manhua of the Same Name

Vengo Gao and Leon Leong Head Up Fantasy Series “Ya She” Based on a Manhua of the Same Name

The Vengo Gao Weiguang and Leon Leong tandem heading up the upcoming fantasy series Ya She (Silent House) 哑舍 is indeed a go. Even before the official announcement, Netizens have already called the pairing between the 41-year-old Vengo and 30-year-old Leon. Vengo will play Bi Zhi, an antique shop owner from the future whilst Leon will be portraying a vet who is living in the present called Su Beilu. This being a fantasy drama, there’s a bit of time travelling involved as the pair team up to cross through time to retrieve antiques. Zhang Miaoyi and Mao Xiaohui round up the main cast.

Fans familiar with the novel/manhua (comic) will know that the origins of the story from author Xuan Se 玄色, while not quite danmei this time, does center around the two male leads. People have been curious about who’s cast in the live-action adaptation and whether they fit the roles. There’s also a variety of opinions, with some arguing that the actor’s too old for the part.

vengo gao and leon leong

Why Do You Scold Me?

When casting for the drama was still being discussed, the rumour mill previously claimed Liu Yuning will be starring in the adaptation. However, fans of the book weren’t too impressed and scolded him. The entire brouhaha ended with Liu Yuning posting a video personally denying the rumours and asking people to stop attacking him on the grounds of mere speculation.

liu yuning

In the clip, the actor helplessly said if he takes the job, he will be scolded for sure. But the thing is, he didn’t even receive the script or get invited to appear in the show, yet he’s still being scolded! “The problem is that I didn’t even get the script and you still scold me. Why? Why am I so unlucky?” lamented the actor.

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