Song Kang Begins Military Service and Promises He Will Be Back

Song Kang
Song Kang
Song Kang promises to work hard. “I will be back!!!”

The day has finally come when South Korean actor Song Kang enters the military. The star of the popular Netflix series Sweet Home begins his mandatory service today, April 2, but not before a last farewell for his fans as he sports the requisite military buzzcut.

For his Sweet Home fans, the 29-year-old actor’s military service won’t affect the release of the show’s third season which is expected to hit screens in summer of this year. It’s just sad to see that he won’t be available to kick things off for Sweet Home Season 3.

An Emotional Farewell: I’m Finally Going

Yesterday, the Sweet Home star penned an emotional letter to his fans thanking them for their unbending support. He also expressed his gratitude to fans for making his 20s extra special with many memories together for birthdays, fan meets and other occasions. Even though he won’t be with them for a while, time will pass quickly. “I hope to meet you again with a thankful and healthy heart. When the time comes, let’s meet with joyful faces”. He adds he wants to make full use of his year and a half in the military, one of which is to learn a new language. “I hope our Songpyeon will also have a meaningful time accomplishing what you’ve set your mind to and finding yourselves in that period.

Song Kang shared what he meant when he said “Songpyeon” – “Song” from Song Kang and “Pyeon’ for fan. He promised everyone he will return to them safely and joyfully. “I love you, Songpyeon! Always”.

Source: songkang_b / Instagram

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