Song Ha Yoon Bullying Allegations, Confirming One And Denying The Other

Song Ha Yoon Bullying Allegations, Confirming One And Denying The Other

Actress Song Ha Yoon who garnered attention with her breakout role in “Marry My Husband” as the villainous second lead had finally reached a significant career milestone at age 37, especially considering her tenure in the industry since childhood, having worked on numerous projects. However, her journey to success has been marred by accusations of school bullying, and her agency’s responses have sparked more debate.

On April 1st, reports emerged of a male classmate alleging that Song Ha Yoon slapped him for 90 minutes when they were in high school. Initially, her agency, King Kong by Starship, vehemently denied the bullying claims, stating that the actress had no recollection of such an incident. It certainly didn’t appease the rumors, with talks about allegations surfacing as early as six years ago. Subsequently, Song Ha Yoon’s agency issued another statement, this time acknowledging that she was indeed involved in a campus bullying incident that forced her to transfer schools. Despite this admission, they insist that it’s unrelated to the current allegations and that she never even met the person accusing her of slapping him.

Nonetheless, the initial denial, followed by the admission of one incident while still denying the current one, has sparked extensive discussions and prompted many to dig up information on the actress. In Chinese entertainment circles, Song Ha Yoon being Chinese actor Huang Xuan’s ex-girlfriend was even dug up once more. It was one of the trending hashtags on Weibo’s hot search, as the two are said to have dated.

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