Singer Hebe Tien’s Performance in China Has Been Cancelled, It’s Been 2 Years Since the Pasta Incident

Hebe Tien

It’s quickly looking like Taiwanese singer Hebe Tien is still not back out of the “deep freeze”. Nearly two years after finding herself the subject of a boycott in the mainland, the 41-year-old S.H.E member was recently slated to perform in an upcoming music and arts festival. The announcement was made by festival organisers, confirming that Hebe will have a 40 minute set at the event’s finale on May 2.

Attempting a Comeback at a Music Festival in China

Many of the singer’s fans who’ve been patiently waiting for her return were overjoyed by the news. But there are also those who were against the move. How are pro-Taiwanese independence supporters still able to come and perform was the question many Chinese Netizens were asking.

Hebe meanwhile, remained unfazed, promoting the event on social media. She even snuck in a reference to her popular song “A Little Happiness (小幸運)” when she captioned it “let’s understand each other. Being together is the best kind of little happiness. May (labour day) holidays, I’ll be in Tianjin waiting for you”. However, she drew flak once again for not saying “one family,” when festival organisers later reshared a similar caption that said “one family together.”

On April 27, a few days after the topic sparked discussion among C-netz, both the organisers and Hebe announced that it’s regrettable, but she won’t be able to participate in the performance.

Hebe's appearance has been cancelled.

The Boycott Started Over Pasta

In 2022, the Taiwanese star was accused by Chinese Netizens of supporting Taiwanese independence after sharing photos of herself eating spaghetti. If you’re scratching your head over how eating spaghetti caused an issue, here’s what happened in a nutshell.

It all started when US Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in 2022. China has often regarded visits by US officials to Taiwan as a sign that they supported Taiwan’s independence movement. Since spaghetti is translated as “Italian noodles” in Mandarin, and since Nancy Pelosi is Italian-American, Chinese Netizens took it as an indirect intimation that Hebe supported her visit to Taiwan.

Hebe Tien
the now deleted photos in question that sparked the whole controversy

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