Louis Koo, The Ever-Devoted Son, Pops In for Photos at His Mom’s Gathering

Wong Man-ling, Louis Koo and his mom
Wong Man-ling shares photos with Louis Koo and his mom

Louis Koo, the renowned Hong Kong star and philanthropist, is celebrated not only for his performances but also for his reputation as a compassionate and caring individual. Born on October 21, 1970, the 53-year-old actor is known for being close to his parents. The actor who hasn’t married continues to live with them to this day. Stories abound of his gestures of filial piety, such as buying a yacht for his mother or crediting her as a producer in each of the films he makes. Koo owns a production company, One Cool Group Limited, which produced the 2022 blockbuster film “Warriors of Future.”

Louis Koo and Amy Yip
Louis Koo and actress Amy Yip

Louis Koo is also known for acquiring a renowned restaurant in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, because his parents enjoy dining there. His mother, who has numerous celebrity friends, frequently hosts gatherings at the restaurant. Recently, 74-year-old Mama Koo once again hosted a gathering, where veteran media personality Wong Man-ling was also invited. Wong shared a series of photos from the gathering on social media, expressing gratitude to Mama Koo for hosting three tables. She also mentioned how Louis Koo took special time out to attend and was warmly received, taking photos with everyone in turn.

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