In a Relationship: Landy Wen Lets Slip a Few Deets About Her Dating Life

Landy Wen
Photo: Landy Wen / Facebook

Taiwanese singer and actress Landy Wen Lan who’s famously known for singing the love song duet of “Wu Ding” with Jacky Wu just spilled the tea about her new relationship with boyfriend Reno. Turns out the couple have been together for more than four years already after getting together during the pandemic.

No Plans to Marry Just Yet

However she says she doesn’t really have any plans to get hitched just yet. “I’m now in the middle of moving towards another stage in my life. I feel that marriage requires some sort of impulsiveness.  Women over 40 just need a life partner.” Not that she’s completely closing herself off to the idea of getting married. If she does ever decide to get hitched, the 44-year-old said she doesn’t need anything grandiose or extravagant and prefers things to be low-key. And by low-key she means simply registering the marriage and that’s it!

These days the aboriginal Taiwanese singer and Mandopop star is super busy preparing to record a new single which is expected to drop in the second half of this year. Fans can also expect a concert which she said she’s already planning for next year. In the past, Landy has oft been accused of having a few things “done” to her face. However, she’d always maintained that she’d never had any cosmetic procedures done to alter her appearance.

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