Huang Zitao Says Martin Garrix Was a No-Show, the Famed DJ Also Tells His Side of the Story

Huang Zitao Says Famed DJ Martin Garrix Was a No-Show, He Also Tells His Side of the Story

Huang Zitao found himself at the center of attention after a controversial incident at a music festival in Shanghai. When it was announced that he would perform alongside DJ Martin Garrix, anticipation was high. However, tensions flared when Huang Zitao took to a livestream, claiming the famed DJ was unwilling to share the stage with him. The 30-year-old Chinese star even filmed himself backstage talking about how his music played without him and showing the stage empty afterwards. His revelation sparked a heated discussion among C-netz, with many criticizing the Dutch artist and expressing sympathy for Huang Zitao. In response, Martin Garrix spoke up with a different side to the story.

Huang Zitao’s Angry Outburst

Prior to the music festival, it was announced that Huang Zitao would perform with DJ Martin Garrix. However, on the day of the event, Huang Zitao began streaming live backstage, visibly growing angrier by the minute as he stated, ‘I attended the rehearsal, he didn’t show up and was told he would come tomorrow for the actual performance. Then he did his part but wasn’t willing to perform with me on stage.’ Tao added, “I’m not onstage, yet they played my whole song, what am I gonna perform.”

Explaining the delay to fans who were expecting him to perform at 7 pm, Huang Zitao clarified, ‘I’m not mad, I’m just venting a bit.” A former member of K-pop group EXO, he said had never encountered someone disrespecting him like this in his entire career since his debut. Due to copyright issues, Huang Zitao revealed that he only had permission to perform one song, which was a collaboration with Martin Garrix. However, the latter proceeded without him. When Huang Zitao finally took the stage alone, Huang Zitao addressed the audience directly, explaining his situation and even cursing: ‘Honestly, who he is has nothing to do with me because I don’t even know him. I don’t ****ing care, mother ****er.’

Huang Zi Tao livestream
Screencap of Huang Zitao’s livestream

The Aftermath

Although known for his blunt personality, Huang Zitao took to social media at 1 am to offer an apology for his outburst. He wrote: ‘Regarding my inappropriate remarks during tonight’s performance, I sincerely apologize to the organizers, sponsors, and all the audience members. As a public figure, my words and actions set a poor example and have had a negative impact. I will take this as a lesson learned, accept criticism and supervision from everyone, and ensure that such incidents do not occur again. I hope tonight’s incident will not hurt anyone or affect everyone’s mood. Once again, thank you all for coming tonight. Good night, everyone.’

Claims That Huang Zitao Was Nowhere to be Seen

Meanwhile, Martin Garrix also took to social media to explain his side of the story. He said, ‘There’s been a lot of misinformation, a lot of lies, and a lot of bullying happening on the internet. I love China, I love the people. What I don’t love is that there’s been misinformation and lies being spread.’

He stressed that from the beginning, it was very well communicated that he was never going to be on stage together with Zitao. He explains that he tried to make it work when he found out about Tao having heard differently and being very disappointed. Martin Garrix claims they invited Tao on stage during his set for a photo together and even do an outro together. He said, “There are videos of me ending my show with ‘Starlights’ and immediately starting the ‘Forever’ song where he was supposed to walk on, and we’d have our moment together, like a performance together… He was hiding in the toilets in his dressing room area to the point that there’s music playing, you can hear his voice on the speaker, but he’s not there, he’s not holding a microphone.”

Martin Garrix explained he then left the stage because it was awkward. He also said his absence from the sound check the day before the event was because he wasn’t in China at the time. Finally, he emphasized that his main focus was on the show, expressed gratitude for the audience’s support and apologized for the situation.

In the end, there are two sides to every story, and people will believe what they want. Some go as far as to speculate about pure discrimination, while others attribute it to organizers possibly causing miscommunication between the two artists.

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