Jing Tian and Zhang Xincheng Star in Another Drama Based on Author Ding Mo’s Novel

Ding Mo
Jing Tian and ZHang Xincheng star in Ding Mo romantic suspense drama

Another Ding Mo web novel makes it into the small screens as the romantic suspense drama Dai Wo Xing Lai Shi 待我醒来时, which stars Jing Tian and Steven Zhang Xincheng completes filming. Ding Mo who aside from writing novels also doubles as a screenwriter. Known for her very unique talent of skillfully blending suspense and sweet romance, many of her works have been adapted into drama projects such as My Deepest Dream, When a Snail Falls in Love, Memory Lost and Love Me if You Dare.


Her latest work to make its way to the small screens finds its protagonist You Mingxu portrayed by Jing Tian, in Sichuan investigating a serial murder case. Whilst there, she teams up with Zhang Xincheng’s character Yin Feng, a genius but injured criminal psychologist who has amnesia to get to the bottom of a nineteen year old cold case involving the death of her mother.

They say opposites attract. Well, Mingxu and Yin Feng are proving to be just that. Whilst Yin Feng who’s lost his memories is innocent and enthusiastic, You Mingxu is the complete opposite, closely guarding her heart due to the loss of her mum at a young age. Yin Feng relies on logic and excellent criminal analysis skills to solve the case whereas Mingxu relies on her years worth of experience and intuition. As Yin Feng slowly gains back his memory, will his potential connection to the killer impact their blossoming relationship? Will they eventually catch the real killer?

“Eyes Closed”

Part of the drama’s announcement earlier today also includes new character posters for their acting line-up which also includes special appearances from Liu Chang, Huang Miyi, Qin Xiaoxuan, Gallen Lo, Ke Lan, Sheng Shao and A Liya. Notice how in every single one of them, everyone has their eyes closed like they were sleeping? It appears the production took the opportunity to push further its Chinese title which translates to “waiting till I wake up” quite literally and visually.

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