Anita Mui’s Mother Celebrates 100th Birthday

Anita Mui's Mother Celebrates 100th Birthday

In the annals of Hong Kong’s entertainment history, Anita Mui is remembered as a shining star whose brilliance continues to illuminate the hearts of millions. But behind the scenes of her illustrious career lies the complexities within the Mui family. On February 14, 2022, the late singer-actress’s mother Tam Mei Kam, also known as Mama Mui, announced her decision to disown her son Peter Mui Kai Ming. Their rift was a result of disputes over Anita’s estate with the latter revealing financial strain over debt. It was a tumultuous period as Madam Tam also faced her own health challenges.

Mama Mui turns 100

It’s been two years, and Mama Mui recently became a centenarian at 100 years young, marking a milestone that speaks not only of longevity but also of the enduring spirit that defines her remarkable life. Although there’s no sign of her son Peter Mui Kai Ming, Mama Mui was surrounded by loved ones during her birthday celebration. Images captured from a simple celebration at home show colorful decorations, a big 100 birthday balloon, a table full of food, longevity peach buns and of course, the birthday cake. But perhaps the most radiant presence was Mama Mui herself, as she posed for the cameras proudly holding up her red packets along with the customary congratulatory letter from the Hong Kong government for her centenary.

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