Amber Kuo Reveals Reason She Moved to Beijing

Amber Kuo Reveals Reason She Moved to Beijing

Amber Kuo, a Mandopop singer and actress, recently opened up about her profound transformation and relocation from Taipei to Beijing. The 38-year-old Taiwanese star’s career has spanned 16 years; however, it was in 2019 when she found herself at a crossroad, feeling disconnected from her own identity and overwhelmed by the weight of her past. Nowadays, her career focus is in mainland China.

Starting out, Amber Kuo was known for her sweet image as a pop star. She also gained fame bringing on “queen” vibes as Gu Li in the hit film series Tiny Times where she became good friends with co-stars like Yang Mi and Bea Hayden. Once these labels were established, they became difficult to shed. In a candid interview with Yitiao 一条 magazine, Kuo revealed the inner turmoil she experienced while reflecting on her career journey. Despite initial success, she confessed that 12 years into her career, she would look at past interviews and felt like a stranger to herself. She admitted contemplating drastic measures such as wanting to “stab herself to death” to escape the pressure.

In May 2020, Amber Kuo decided to move to Beijing alone to embark on a fresh start. The flight lasted three hours, during which she cried the entire time, leaving behind a life she wasn’t able to live for herself for over a decade. Now, she finds herself in a completely independent state, collaborating with experts from various fields. She has her own band called Mola Oddity where she goes by the name Birdy K.

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