Li Yapeng, Faye Wong’s Ex, Denies Trending Reports That He Cried Over His Financial Struggles

Photo(s): 一号立井 / Weibo

Former actor Li Yapeng, once a sought after leading man and also known as pop diva Faye Wong’s ex-husband following their divorce in 2013 has embarked on a new chapter of his life in recent years. He’s embraced fatherhood once more with his now wife Haiha Jinxi whom he married in 2022. Despite being away from the limelight, public interest in him remains steadfast often due to reports about his financial struggles. Recently, the 52-year-old trended on the Weibo hot search with a hashtag about him “crying about being poor.”

There were clips from his livestream where he revealed that he had been repaying debts for almost 10 years and had been eating takeout. Li’s emotional plea resonated with some viewers, who offered words of encouragement and even monetary support. However, his display of vulnerability also drew criticism from some netizens. Others say, “what’s wrong with takeout.

Li Yapeng refuted the “crying poverty” incident in another video and even offered a reward across the internet to anyone who can provide proof of it, “Anyone who can provide a 10-second video clip of me crying over poverty during a livestream will be richly rewarded with 5 jin of spring tea. Just a picture with a few words won’t count.” It appears his unique proposition was his reaction to his words being twisted. Li Yapeng likened what happened to him to cyberbullying, but he says he’s learned to deal with it by changing his mindset. “Nowadays, everyone is struggling. If my little struggles can make it a bit easier for everyone else, doesn’t that prove my worth?” he said. The former actor whose turned to livestreaming these days did not forget to promote his own tea leaves before concluding his video.

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