Lay Zhang Yixing Pits New Girl Group Against International Groups in “Show It All”

Lay Zhang Yixing’s New Girl Group Pit Against International Groups in "Show It All"
Show It All Poster / Weibo

If you’re launching a new girl group, what better way than to test the waters and drum up some publicity than a variety show pitting them against other teams? Lay Zhang Yixing clearly knows what he’s doing especially with his industry experience as a former member of the popular South Korean boy band EXO.

On March 28, he launched the brand new variety show Show It All 百分百出品 to introduce his yet to debut rookie girl group. The show’s format follows the six ladies for 100 days as they are given a chance to compete in multiple challenges testing their skills and their mettle. Their score on the show will dictate the final count for the girl group or worse, the whole group’s debut could be pushed back.

Produced by Lay Zhang Yixing, the show features six members of the group – Hu Jingyi, Li Qianyu, Zhou Luoxi, Li Yulin, Peng Xiangrui and Liu Tingxiu competing against international bands. The first episode already had them going up against Malaysian girl group Dolla. G22 and multi-member Bini, both of which are groups from the Philippines are also expected to appear.

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