Jay Chou Reveals His Youngest Daughter to be the Artist Behind Abstract Painting

Jay Chou Reveals His Daughter to be the Artist Behind Abstract Painting

Fans and followers of Jay Chou, found themselves swept up in a guessing game recently. The Taiwanese singer-songwriter shared an abstract painting on social media, challenging his followers to guess the artist behind the masterpiece. Some guessed that it’s the multi-hyphenate himself, others guessed that it’s his 8 year old daughter Hathaway. In his subsequent post, he revealed, “The correct answer is… my youngest daughter.” And his youngest who’s name is Jacinda is not even 2 yet!

It’s no secret that Jay Chou’s family often find their way into the spotlight, offering glimpses into the domestic joys shared within the Chou household. One such instance was when he jokingly likened his daughter Hathaway’s early scribbles to the art genius of Cy Twombly when she was also just 2. Sharing these moments on social media, Chou effortlessly blends the roles of doting father and global superstar, and it’s certainly not the first time he’s shared glimpses of his kids engaging in artistic endeavors at home. Married since July 2014, Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan have three children – Hathaway was born in 2015, their son Jaylen Romeo born in 2017, followed by their youngest daughter, Jacinda, in 2022.

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