“Happily Ever After” Actress Yoyo Chen’s Huge Career Slump Post Marriage and Baby

Happily Ever After HIm Law and Yoyo Chen
Him Law and Yoyo Chen star in Happily Ever After

No doubt no one’s more happier to see the drama Happily Ever After 婚後事 turn into a surprise hit than TVB actress Yoyo Chen. The urban romantic drama exploring the intricacies of married life is the 42-year-old actress’ first leading role after two decades in the industry. So in a way, it’s also a comeback of sorts. Since marrying and having kids, the actress says it’s been difficult, with her career not being where it was before.

Hitting a Career Low

Yoyo’s intense performance of her character Emma who learns of her husband Tim’s (Him Law) infidelity, has earned her praise amongst audiences. With a formerly happy marriage in tatters, Emma practically turns into someone almost unrecognisable as she attempts to secure custody of her daughter from her cheating husband. However did you know that had the show been written 10 years ago, Yoyo said she probably wouldn’t have been able to get the part? “Maybe it’s because I got married and had a kid. And I also wouldn’t take it upon myself to ask people to cast me. That’s why I didn’t film anything at all for two to three years” she revealed.

In 2011, Yoyo married her actor husband Vincent Wong Ho Shun. The couple then had another happy milestone in 2012 when they welcomed their first child. Whereas her personal life seems to be thriving, it was also the time when she felt her career hit a huge slump. Yoyo claimed people assumed all she wanted to do was to take care of her young family with her being newly married and a new mum. “For two or three years, no one asked me to work in a drama” she said.

A Real Performance?

As a celebrity couple who’ve been married for more than a decade, interest on Yoyo and Vincent’s marriage is pretty high especially given the popularity of the show.  So when Him Law’s character Tim cheats on her in the story, many were wondering if she’s just really good in her job or if it’s based on her own personal feelings. Yoyo took this all in stride and said she’s actually happy to hear these comments. “If my acting was fake, people wouldn’t have this kind of reaction. But if people say my performance is real, this is high praise for any actor. Of course, the script is also good so my entire performance has been true to page and are all just pretend”.

Happily Ever After

As for Happily Ever After’s many intimate scenes between its six leads, Yoyo says she’s a professional actor so it wasn’t necessary to run it past her husband Vincent. “He’s busy filming a drama so there’s no need to bother him.”

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