Ex TVB Actor Oscar Leung On Bed Rest After Old Injury from Being Hit by a Car Flares Up

Oscar Leung
Oscar Leung

Former TVB actor Oscar Leung recently shared a clip of himself resting in bed following a painful flare up from an old back injury. The 44-year-old who was “cancelled” in his home city of Hong Kong in 2018 after expressing his love for China and now runs several businesses, shared jarring clips of the old car accident that caused all this. Remember how he was filming the drama Flying Tiger with Ron Ng in 2017? Both actors were shooting a chase scene in Wan Chai when a car hit him. If you check out the clip, that was quite a tumble he took after impact.

At the time, Oscar said he’s doing fine despite injuring his knees and sustaining scratches in his arms. Luckily, the accident didn’t knock him out cold nor did he get any fractures at the time. It seems though that the accident did have some lasting effects. On the Douyin clip he shared, Oscar revealed when the weather turns, his old injury will act up. It’s so painful all he can do is lie still and hope it gets better soon.

OScar Leung
Oscar Leung flying into the air after getting hit by a car whilst shooting a scene.

Concerned fans left messages wishing him well. Some commended him for risking his life when he opted not to get a stunt double and for sacrificing himself all for the sake of the show.

Here’s hoping he’ll be well enough soon and back on his feet!

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