On-Again Off-Again Couple Terence Yin and Raquel Xu Dongong Engaged?

Terence Yin and Raquel Xu Dongdong
Photo: 徐冬冬 / Weibo

Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers. And what better way to celebrate it than with an engagement announcement. At least that’s what Hong Kong actor Terence Yin’s post yesterday seems to be hinting at. Sharing a photo of a diamond ring, he wrote: “I hear Chairman Xu likes this brand! I don’t have a love brain! But whatever you say about Chairman Xu is fine! Happy Valentine’s Day @ Xudongdong” It’s not exactly a straightforward engagement announcement but with a photo of a ring, what else will people think except he finally popped the question to his on-again off-again girlfriend, Chinese actress-model Raquel Xu Dongdong, and she said Yes!

Terence Yin
The ring as shared by Terence Yin

Since they started dating in 2018, the couple has broken up and reunited a few times. During one of those breaks, it doesn’t appear the 48-year-old fell out of love with his then ex as he’d keep posting about her on social media. “I still like Dongdong very much” he posted. One time he wrote about how “she’s a non-marriage advocate” and how “can he be able to take good care of her“. This led him to be ridiculed online for having a “love brain” aka being lovesick. After all Dongdong herself confirmed that they were “already in two different worlds and that they had communication problems“. That’s why their reconciliation in August 2023 was surprising for many … and now they’re engaged?

Nonetheless, it seems congratulations might be in order for the newly engaged couple.

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