Samantha Ko Issues Apology for Comments Made Amid Messi Sitting Out of Hong Kong Match

Sam Ko
Samantha Ko
Samantha Ko holding up a signed shirt from the event on the right

Samantha Ko recently released a statement clarifying what she said was her “inappropriate” answer when asked about the Leo Messi no-show debacle last Sunday. The Queen of News actress showed up to watch the friendly match between Inter-Miami and Hong Kong XI. When later asked about her thoughts regarding Messi not playing, she said: “I heard he was injured. As a fan, I hope his physical condition is doing much better. That’s why I understand and can make allowances for him (having to sit it out).

Tickets for the game last Sunday cost fans upwards of HK$ 880 to HK$ 4880. But just for a chance to see their idol play, many were willing to shell out the cash. Except the football superstar was nowhere to be found on the pitch. Thousands of disappointed fans demanded a refund, but what further added fuel to the flame? How he suddenly seemed well enough to play in Wednesday’s game versus Japan’s Vissel Kobe. This angered many Hong Kong and Chinese fans even more.

Meanwhile, the football superstar released a statement conveying his regrets for not being able to play due to a painful groin injury. He said that anyone who knows him knows he always wants to play at his best, especially in away games to meet fans who are looking forward to seeing them in tiptop condition on the pitch. Hong Kong and Chinese fans unfortunately didn’t buy his reason for sitting out is due to his health.

Samantha Ko watching the game with co-star Kenneth Ma and his wife
Samantha watched the game with good friends Kenneth Ma and wife Roxanne Tong

Too Hasty

As for Samantha, her earlier comment about understanding why Messi didn’t play sparked anger amongst Netizens. So much so that she found herself having to apologise. In her statement, she clarified that like everyone, she was very disappointed. She claims her comment about understanding why he had to sit the game out was based on the reports that the footballer was unable to play due to injury. “That’s why I said ‘I heard he was injured’’ to questions from the press, she said. As a fan, she said the game was a pleasure to watch as team Hong Kong’s offence was very strong in the first half. But she also knows many fans coming from afar were disappointed and sad because of the situation.

Like everyone else, I was shocked to learn more about what happened later. I fully realise that what I said at the time is very inappropriate when I only had a partial understanding of the situation. I would like to apologize to everyone who paid attention to this matter. I am really sorry!

Samantha’s statement garnered a lot of support. But what’s super interesting to see are the comments saying it was not necessary for her to make an apology. “Being an entertainer in Hong Kong is really difficult” someone commented. “It’s hard to be an entertainer these days. It was public knowledge even before Inter-Miami arrived in Hong Kong that Messi was injured. The first day of training was open to the public. I saw Messi leaving the pitch post training and thought he hasn’t recovered even just a bit. So your response to the reporter was normal .. he was indeed injured… him not making his way to the pitch post game is also out of your control. No worries.”

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