Richie Ren on Struggling to Pay Salaries Despite Zero Work During the Pandemic

Richie Ren
Richie Ren
Photos: Richie Ren / Weibo

Taiwanese singer and actor Richie Ren seems to be a great boss to have. Whilst doing press for his latest film Rob N Roll 臨時劫案, the 57-year-old actor confessed playing his character Mo-yung Fai gave him déjà vu all over again. In the film, Mo-Yung Fai is a nursing home owner who finds himself in quite a lot of debt because of his generous heart. Richie says playing him brought him back to pandemic days when he continued paying his employee’s salaries even if he had zero work at the time. To come up with enough funds, the star said he flew to various cities looking for work. He even considered selling his houses and his cars, but never did he once consider letting go of his team.

If I fire my employees, their families will suffer. If I take good care of them, they can work for me without worries.” Moreover Richie says it’s hard to find good experienced employees post-pandemic so it’s better if he hangs on to his team. That’s why wherever there’s a good opportunity for him, that’s where you’ll find him. In fact, he shared that he’s been quarantined 13 times with all the places he’s visited.  When Shanghai was on lockdown Richie said he was stuck there for two months. “I had to fly to Hong Kong, then to Chengdu before I could get to my place of work.”

Rob N Roll is an action comedy film starring Aaron Kwok as a robber who forces two cash strapped middle aged men –Robby played by Gordon Lam and Mo-Yung Fai, Richie’s character, to participate in a heist. The film opens in theatres on Lunar New Year’s Eve the 9th of February, 2024.

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