Mariane Chan Reunites with Yet Another Former TVB Co-Star

Mariane Chan Reunites with Yet Another Former TVB Co-Star

Former actress-turned-entrepreneur Mariane Chan, renowned for her roles in classic TVB dramas, has once again graced the spotlight with a heartwarming reunion, this time appearing in 92-year-old actor Bowie Wu’s vlog. Their recent meetup reignites memories of their on-screen collaboration in the 1999 TVB series Happy Ever After (金玉滿堂).

Since ending her showbiz tenure in 2005, Mariane Chan has transitioned into running a beauty empire. The 51-year-old continues to maintain connections with her peers in the industry though she was shocked when Bowie said he’s angry at her. He said, “When I saw you last year, you gave me a big bag of sea cucumber… But when I saw you today, you were empty-handed.” Mariane instead blew him a kiss to “make up for it.” Jokes aside, Bowie said Mariane actually hosted dinner with many expensive dishes such as lobster, abalone, and bird’s nest, so he’s very satisfied.

Love Is Beautiful Cast reunions

Their recent interactions were certainly a throwback to the old days, and it’s not the only one. Despite Mariane’s absence from social media platforms, her meet up with Anne Heung last December stirred nostalgia for fans of the 2002 TVB body swap drama Love Is Beautiful (無頭東宮). Before that, the two former beauty queens were also in photos with other Love Is Beautiful colleagues Eddie Cheung, Pierre Ngo, etc., reigniting memories of their time together on set.

Photo: Xiaohongshu

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