“Love Song in Winter” Starring Johnny Huang and Sun Qian Wraps with a Touching Tale of Reunion

Johnny Huang and Sun Qian wrap filming

As the final clapperboard echoed on the set, Love Song in Winter 冬至 marked the completion of its filming journey today, February 3. Produced by iQIYI, GH Entertainment & Media and The Alliance of Gods, this upcoming web series is set to deliver a compelling story. Based on a contemporary romance novel with a crime-solving theme, it stars Johnny Huang Jing Yu as detective Jiang Chengyi and Sun Qian as anesthesiologist Lu Yan.

A Tale of Love and Reunion

Love Song in Winter unravels the journey of Jiang Chengyi and Lu Yan, who find themselves separated for eight long years due to a heartbreaking misunderstanding. Fate, however, weaves its magic, and an unexpected accident reunites the star-crossed lovers. The teaser, showcasing their lives in parallel, hints at a narrative style that promises to be both visually stunning and emotionally resonant.

The Chinese title of the drama, Dongzhi, holds a poetic significance. Dongzhi refers to the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. In the show, it is beautifully encapsulated with the line, “Winter Solstice will remind every separated couple, you will reappear in my heart.”

The show brings a fresh pairing between 31-year-old actor Johnny Huang and Sun Qian who is five years his junior. They are joined by actors such as Kira Shi Shi, Wang Tian Chen, Kevin Xiao Kai Zhong, and more with special appearances from Jackie Li and Viva Ho.

Love Song in Winter Supporting Cast

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