“Knight Flower” Climbs to Top 3 in Ratings for Friday-Saturday Dramas on MBC

Photo: mbcdrama_pre / X

Lee Hanees Knight Flower, which continued the strong momentum from its predecessor to become the most-watched show for its time slot has gone on to breach newer highs, first crossing double digits when it hit 10.8% and achieving another ratings milestone with its newest high of 13.1 % in Nielsen nationwide ratings. The show is now among top 3 for a Friday-Saturday drama on MBC just behind 2021’s The Red Sleeve with 17.4% and 2022’s Big Mouth with 13.7%.

Achieving such high ratings is no small feat, and it’s a testament to the dedication and talent of everyone involved. The 40-year-old actress proves her comedic prowess once again as the show’s headliner. As for our male lead, stepping out of his previous drama The Golden Spoon is 29-year-old actor Lee Jong Won showing us a range we didn’t know he had. This show isn’t just about numbers; it’s about the laughs, the tears, and the moments that keep us coming back for more. Even the bad guys are stealing the spotlight with their performances. Yeo Hwa’s heroics, Soo Ho’s revelations, the tensions, the brewing romance in the midst of chaos and a thickening plot given the “new” character.

Knight Flower follows Yeo Hwa, the eldest daughter-in-law of the prestigious Second State Councilor’s family who becomes a widow on her wedding day. She leads a secret life, donning a mask and leaping across rooftops to help those in need. Her clandestine activities take an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with Park Soo Ho, an intelligent yet stern officer. Yeo Hwa’s well-guarded double life teeters on the brink of exposure as their destinies intertwine.

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