Jam Hsiao Hopes to Spare His Wife from Pains of Childbirth, Says He’d Consider Adoption

Photo: Xiao Jing Teng / Weibo

In a recent interview with Ren Wu (人物) magazine, Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao shared deeply personal insights into his views on parenthood and the possibility of adoption. Hsiao, known for his soulful music and charismatic presence, opened up about his thoughts on starting a family and the considerations that shape his perspective.

Referring to his autobiography, Hsiao expressed how he said in the past that he wished to spare his future wife from the pains of childbirth. He said, “From a young age, I’ve always thought this way. Firstly, I believe that giving birth is inherently challenging, and women endure a lot of hardship. I’ve always felt that this process imposes too much strain on women.” He also expressed that if he ever regrets it one day, he might consider adoption.

In the context of his personal life, Hsiao’s long-time manager and wife, Summer Lin, previously said expressed that marriage and having children were never priorities on her bucket list. She said having children would be an expression of love, but that love would also exist if they chose not to have children. Many were surprised when Hsiao first confirmed their relationship in 2023 and got married the same year. The couple kept their relationship private for years, despite being publicly linked on numerous occasions. Many were also surprised with their 14 year age gap with Jam being 36 years old and Summer being 50 at the time of their marriage, yet Hsiao’s humorously quipped about blaming Lin for being born too early adds a playful touch to their enduring love story.

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