Comedian Yang Di’s Astonishing Makeup Transformation Will Leave You Speechless, He Looks Like an Idol!

Yang DI
Yang Di Before and After
Yang Di Before and After His Makeup Transformation in the hands of Rabbit

Chinese makeup artist Rabbit (兔子) truly has some crazy amazing makeup skills. She recently took on the challenge of making over 100 invited guests and transforming them using different makeup techniques. For her latest attempt, TV host and comedian Yang Di was in her makeup chair for a jaw dropping idol worthy transformation. You only need to see the before and after shots to see how truly talented she is. Why, the 37-year-old can even pass for an idol once she’d done her magic on him. The transformation even fooled his phone’s AI who couldn’t recognise him hence he couldn’t unlock his phone using facial recognition mid-makeover.

Even AI couldn't recognize him

Isn’t it incredible what a wig, coloured contacts, some lifting tape and crazy good makeup skills can do? If Yang Di ever gets tired of doing comedy perhaps a career as an idol might be in the books.

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