2024 Spring Festival Box Office Smashes Records, But Half of 8 Films Have Pulled Out

Photos from The Movie Emperor and Viva La Vida Road Shows / Weibo

China’s Spring Festival has always been a battleground where blockbuster movies compete for the hearts and wallets of audiences nationwide. As of 9:00 PM on February 17th, the total box office revenue for the 2024 Spring Festival reached 8.023 billion RMB, breaking the record for Chinese Lunar New Year box office. However, the season has been rocked by a series of unexpected twists that have left movie buffs reeling.

The same day, comedy/drama film The Movie Emperor featuring the legendary Andy Lau, made a shocking exit from the Spring Festival lineup, followed by animated film Ba Jie, which became the fourth film to pullout from the Spring Festival slate. This comes after earlier exits from Peng Yuchang’s Viva La Vida with its story about people with serious illnesses and the animated film God of Money, all of which issued apologies and expressed the hope to be seen by more audiences at another time.

Netizens took to social media to share their reactions, with hashtags such as #I’m also withdrawing from the Spring Festival lineup# trending across platforms since they also have to pullout of the holidays to go back to their busy schedules. With half of the eight films released on Chinese New Year gone, it looks like the main contenders will be the top two films with Jia Ling’s YOLO in first and Shen Teng’s Pegasus 2 in second. Boonie Bears, which is an annual feature for children this season places in 3rd followed closely by Zhang Yimou’s Article 20.

Source: Maoyan

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