Xiao Zhan Blends in Among Fans as He Visits His Own Billboard

Xiao Zhan who’s a global brand ambassador for Gucci just visited his own billboard one random night on the streets of Shanghai. Like his dedicated fans, the 32-year-old singer-actor had his phone out to record the moment and even snapped photos with “himself.”

His studio captured the entire experience, which began with Xiao Zhan trying to act inconspicuously as he walked to the site covered from head to toe. He even had a mask and a cap on while accompanied by staff. The Shanghai Gucci wall, which now has Xiao Zhan front and center, certainly stands out, such that it has become a place for his fans to visit.

Several fans were already taking photos at the scene, so Xiao Zhan had to patiently wait for his turn. He blended in despite his towering height of over 6 feet, sparking curiosity about what might have happened if fans there had just turned to chat with the star. And it looks his plan was a complete success since no one seemed to recognize him. Many left comments about how they wished they could’ve been there to see their idol up close and it’s simply endearing to see how excited he was throughout.

Now that his “incognito” moment is out in the open, some joke that Xiao Zhan has become a male “Xiao Fei Xia.” Xiao Fei Xia 小飞侠, which is his fandom’s name translates to Peter Pan in Chinese. Fans also playfully refer to themselves as “shrimps,” a clever nod to the wordplay on the pronunciation of “xia.”

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