When Jay Chou Plays Tennis and Netizens Joke It’s His Lookalike

In his birthday shoutout to Jay Chou who recently turned 45 years old, basketball sensation Jeremy Lin shared a photo featuring himself and the Mandopop King engaging in a friendly match on the tennis court. Now, you might expect fans to flood the comments with cheers and applause, but what ensued was quite unexpected.

The post triggered a cascade of comments from netizens, each with their own take on the tennis showdown. From mistaken identities to playful banter, one wrote, “What to do, the real Jay Chou doesn’t look like Jay Chou anymore.” Another wrote, “Is it Jay Chou himself or street seller Chou. ” Lookalikes of the singer-songwriter would pop up now and then, like a recent concertgoer in Shanghai who was hounded by fans wanting a photo. And then there’s the “famous” street food seller in Hebei, China who’s continued to run his food stall despite drawing buzz on social media over his resemblance to Jay Chou.

Screencap from 粥饼伦 / Douyin

Jeremy Lin’s photo with Jay shows the singer in a simple all-black athletic attire and a bandana wrapped around his head, but a number of comments were about how he really looks different, which is why they’re doing double takes, joking if it’s the real Jay! Jeremy Lin is known to have a number of celebrity friends such as Jam Hsiao, JJ Lin and of course, Jay Chou, so it’s obviously the Mandopop king in the flesh.

Photos: jlin7 / Instagram

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