Tang Wei On Needing a “Translator” After Being Away from Daughter for Work

Tang Wei
Screencapture: The Do Show / Youtube

Working a regular 9 to 5 job whilst raising young kids is hard enough as it is. Imagine how much harder it will be when your job takes you elsewhere. Chinese actress Tang Wei recently sat down for a chat with Hong Kong’s Sister Do (aka Carol Cheng) where she candidly talked about the challenges of juggling projects whilst raising her young daughter. “You can’t have your cake and eat it too!” she shared.

Tang Wei mostly works on films these days, though her filming schedule sometimes takes her away from her family far longer than expected. Take her film Decision to Leave for example, the 43-year-old said she was away from her husband Kim Tae-yong and their daughter for half a year! When the project wrapped, she said she couldn’t even talk to her own daughter who could no longer speak and understand Chinese! She said it really broke her heart that she even needed a translator just to talk to her own child.

Later, she said she felt relieved when she realised it all boiled down to how quickly kids can sometimes forget a language especially without someone to talk to them with. After all, her husband also faced the same situation due to quarantine restrictions. It was only over 20 days but his daughter forgot the language and couldn’t communicate with him.

Tang Wei is married to her South Korean director husband Kim Tae-yong with whom she shares a daughter. Owing to the fact that the couple are in a LDR – Tang Wei and their daughter currently reside in Beijing whilst husband Kim Tae-yong shuttling to and from Seoul, speculation that they were divorcing have run rampant. When asked about it by DoDo, the actress said it’s totally impossible that they’d get a divorce and she doesn’t really care for these rumours at all.

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