Stefanie Sun’s Sister Severs Ties, Longing for Peaceful Life

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Stefanie Sun has stepped back from the spotlight since her marriage to Nadim van der Ros with whom she has two kids. However, the 45-year-old Singaporean singer-songwriter sparked attention when her younger sister Sun Ee Mei suddenly declared, “I am no longer in a sisterly relationship with someone” on the night before her 40th birthday. While she didn’t name who, it’s presumed to be about Stefanie Sun. She has two sisters – youngest Ee-mei with whom she bears a strong resemblance and the eldest Yee-kia.

Sun Ee Mei reveals that their relationship has been very weak since 2019. She writes, “I’m tired of trying to communicate with her in some way for the past three years. Starting from today, what I want to say is that I have lived in the shadow for 20+ years. It was not easy in the past, but now, I just want to find a release. Using the identity of a non-celebrity, yet my previous life did not seem to be a private one either. I just want to say that myself and so-and-so are no longer sisters.”

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Fans delved into past posts by Stefanie Sun’s sister, extracting grievances like challenges she faced in school and work due to her sister’s fame. She left for Australia, but last year, she lamented that people still take photos of her even if she’s no longer in Singapore. Her past post included one about their father. She wrote in 2022, “My dad has been accompanying my sister all the time, and I’m a little envious.”

Sun Ee Mei expressed a wish to avoid fan discussions and speculation, emphasizing that everyone faces unique challenges. The post also carried an apology for any inappropriate actions she made as a younger sister. She revealed her decision to distance herself from the past, seeking tranquility and personal space using the hashtag #estrangednotstrange#.

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