Sharon Chan Man-chi Pays Tribute to Her Late Mother: A Reflection After Her Birthday

Photo(s): sharonchanmanchi / Instagram

TVB actress Sharon Chan Man-chi recently confirmed the passing of her beloved mother following a battle with acute leukaemia. The news comes after Chan’s poignant social media post, where she revealed her mother’s grave illness and pleaded for a miracle.

Sharon Chan, just came from the highly successful series The Queen of News and having just celebrated her 45th birthday on January 17, she expressed her deep sorrow. “To my dearest mother, you are the most important person in my life. Your lifelong dedication to caring for me, my younger brother, and your beloved grandson (whose name is Eddie) illuminates our existence,” Chan wrote in a touching tribute.

Despite the heartbreak, she acknowledged her mother’s extraordinary role in her life. Her post takes us through the challenging journey of 2023, a year marked by her mother’s battle with acute leukemia. Sharon, alongside her family, fought side by side, witnessing her mother’s resilience and strength—a testament to her being a true Super Woman in the face of adversity. The heart-wrenching post concludes with Sharon holding her mother’s hand on the evening of January 25, 2024. Sharon expresses the profound pain of losing her guiding light, unsure how to navigate life without her mother’s presence. In a poignant promise to her mother, she reveals their agreement to communicate in moments of longing, whether gazing at the sky or meeting in dreams.

The entertainment world often focuses on the glitz and glamour, but Chan’s openness on social media has provided a glimpse into the human side—a daughter mourning, a family grieving, and a community offering support with condolences from a number of her fellow Hong Kong celebs like Natalie Tong, Ali Lee, Elaine Yiu and Nancy Wu.

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