Master Pianist Liu Shikun Who Became a Dad Again in His 80s Shares a Glimpse of His Family of Four

LIu Shikun
LIU Shikun
Liu Shikun shares a glimpse at his family of 4 on social media

And then they were four! In 2020, Chinese pianist and composer Liu Shikun joined the ranks of “older dads” when his third wife Sun Ying gave birth to their first born Bei Bei when he was 81. That firmly put him ahead of the late casino king Stanley Ho’s record when he became a dad at the age of 77. Then last year, the renowned pianist became a new dad once more when Sun Ying gave birth to their super cute son Tian Tian at 84. Wowza he even beat famous celebrity dad Robert De Niro who surprised everyone last year when he became a new dad to his 7th child at 79.

Now if you’re wondering what father and son got up to for their recent bonding time, the doting dad recently had Netizens awwing when he took to social media with a short clip of himself out and about with Tian Tian. As the three month old looked up to his dad who was sitting on a chair with eyes full of trust, the master pianist reciprocated when he dotingly looked down on his little son with eyes filled with love. “On the first day of 2024, Tian Tian and I went out for a mooch around. I wish all babies in the world will grow up happy and healthy. Wishing everyone a happy new year. Much luck and all the best to you all in the year of the dragon!”

Meanwhile, comments from Netizens came pouring in with some praising the wee one for being so adorable. Others expressed admiration for the 84-year-old for being game to be a father again.

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