Lotus Wang’s Daughter Defends “20-Second Kiss” with Her Mom Onstage

Lotus Wang with Tingting
Lotus Wang with daughter Huang Yuting aka Tingting
Photos: lotuswang1124 / Instagram

The photo of Taiwanese singer-actress-host Lotus Wang Cai Hua 王彩樺 and her daughter Huang Yuting’s 黃于庭 20-second kiss on stage appears to be the latest “scandal” to catch flak from the internet. Whereas Netizens criticised the move for being inappropriate, they also lambasted the 55-year-old mum for “forcibly” kissing her daughter. Meanwhile, 20-year-old Tingting defended the move, emphasizing that she wasn’t forced and that even as a child growing up, she’d always liked giving her mum kisses.

The kiss in question happened whilst they were filming their portion of the Lunar New Year’s Eve special a couple of days ago. Whether it’s from all the adrenaline and the excitement to be performing on stage together (for the Lunar New Year no less!) the mother and daughter tandem ended their performance with a kiss. When later asked whether they both came up with the idea, Tingting said of course it was all her mum. “Why would I think about kissing my mother? ”

Lotus also confirmed this saying she didn’t ask for her daughter’s opinion. “She’ll be embarrassed. Actually, since they were kids me and my husband would always give them hugs and kisses. They weren’t so keen once they got older.” Lotus Wang said she came up with it to convey the love of parents to everyone, and a mother’s love for her daughter.

I Was Not Forced

Lotus Wang Daughter Huang Yuting responds
Screenshot: Stacy / Facebook

When the clip started trending online with the added news that Tingting also tried dodging the kiss when media asked them to recreate it once again backstage, Netizens hotly criticised whether it was necessary to force her daughter for a kiss. They also lamented their “loss of moral values”.

In response to all the brouhaha, Huang Yuting shared a photo of herself and her sister when they were younger giving kisses to their mum. “I wasn’t forced” she laughingly said. “I’ve loved kissing my mother since I was a child, and only got embarrassed as I got older. This is a photo of me and my sis when we were little. We really love mum @Lotus Wang. Thanks mum! You’ve worked hard” she captioned. Lotus later commented on the post with “I love my baby girl” to which Tinting replied with a “I love you too. I never expected this. Mum, thank you for all your hard work”.

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