Jacquelin Ch’ng Tries Her Luck at a Matchmaking Corner in China

It’s been over a year since Malaysian born Hong Kong-based actress Jacquelin Ch’ng announced her divorce, and it looks like she is ready to return to dating. She recently tried to rediscover love the old fashioned way as she headed to a matchmaking corner in Hangzhou.

With a hopeful heart, the 43-year-old actress headed to the park which has turned into a marketplace for parents looking for prospects for their children. Like many others, she brought her own “advertisement” that included details like her age, height, occupation, etc. She even wrote that she has a villa at a prime location in Hong Kong. Describing her experience, she thought she’d meet handsome men but instead, it was full of “aunties and uncles”. She came across different moms, some said she’d be great but their son was too young, while another said his 40-year-old son is in the US and they should talk when he’s back.

Hangzhou matchmaking corner

Jacquelin managed to strike a conversation with a friendly grandma who enthusiastically said her son is 40-year-old old, 180 cm tall and that they’d be a good match. She also revealed he’s divorced with two kids. When Jacquelin revealed that she is also a divorcee, that’s when grandma suddenly turned her down saying she’s looking for someone “simple and pure” who’s not married. Jacquelin can’t help but groan at the double standards. Nonetheless, it certainly was an experience for her to try out the matchmaking scene.

Jacquelin Ch’ng is the daughter of late tycoon Datuk Bill Ch’ng Chong Po. She and her businessman husband, Bryan Yang, who’s said to own a bubble tea chain in Taiwan split after being married for 2 years.

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