“Doctor Slump” Opening Weekend Rouses Interest as Ratings Improve

Doctor SLump
Doctor Slump

First impressions of the just released Doctor Slump from viewers are in. The medical kdrama stars Park Shin-hye and her Heirs co-star Park Hyung-sik who has now moved on to leading man status from the time they last worked together in 2013. Between the two episodes released this weekend, episode one of the drama didn’t fare quite as well in the ratings as episode two with 4.060%. “Slow going” was how some described episode 1 since it was essentially bogged down by having to introduce the characters and lay down their back stories. Nonetheless, just keep hanging on as the plot starts to pick up in the second episode. As of press time, the second episode has already hit a rating of 5.137% and is expected to continue to rise as we get more into the story.

A Shared Suffering

Doctor Slump falls under the rivals to lovers trope with the romance helped along by both characters living in the same flat. Whereas we see the reason behind the rivalry between Ha-neul and Jeong-woo growing up, we also see how despite their animosity, the pair might have more in common than they think. Fast forward to present day, Ha-neul is now an unappreciated anaesthesiologist working in a toxic “old boys club” environment whilst Jeong-woo, an acclaimed plastic surgeon. Despite their achievements, both experience a “slump” in their careers. Episode one wraps up nicely with the two accidentally ending up as flatmates.

Episode 2 sees both Ha-neul and Jeong-woo continue to try one upping each other. As they bicker about who’s the smarter lot or who can drink the other under the table, both of them are also struggling to get past rock-bottom. This is also the episode where we see stirrings of “what could be” between them although they probably have a lot to get through individually before that happens.

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