Casino Heiress Laurinda Ho On Making Her Own Money, Doesn’t Think of Her Family’s Billions as Hers

Laurinda ho
Photo: Laurinda Ho / Weibo

Laurinda Ho may have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but the 32-year-old celebrity appears to have a pretty good head on her shoulders. As heiress to the late casino tycoon Stanley Ho’s giant fortune, you certainly won’t find her lacking in any of the creature comforts of home. And while it’s safe to say that she can definitely do without having to work, Laurinda continues to show up and work hard.

The heiress previously shared in an interview that she wanted to work hard to make her own money. “I’ve always felt that my family’s money is not really my money. If I earned it on my own, then it is my money.” She also added that even if you’re already married – Laurinda married her husband actor Shawn Dou in a gorgeous ceremony in Bali, women still need to have their own careers to be confident (from their own achievements), to be a balanced person and to feel fulfilled.

Laurinda Ho
Laurinda Ho attending the ribbon cutting to her restaurant

Aside from her variety shows, which sometimes means she won’t see her husband for a month because of their respective commitments, Laurinda previously had a beef noodle store in Hong Kong, which closed down due to the pandemic before setting up shop in Shanghai as well as a bakery. She also opened her own fashion brand. Whilst these may sound pretty “small fry” in the eyes of many as it doesn’t seem to “match” her net worth, she says the main thing is that this is her own “thing” and something she can use to build value.

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