“A Good Day To Be a Dog” Ratings Stay at Series Low for Its Finale

Photo: mbcdrama_now / Instagram

The curtains fall on A Good Day To Be a Dog, which follows high school teacher Han Hae Na, cursed to transform into a dog after a kiss and math teacher Seo Won who’s afraid of dogs. It’s a noteworthy shift for 26-year-old singer-actor Cha Eun Woo, typically cast in student roles, whose a teacher in this drama opposite 30-year-old actress Park Gyu Young. Former child star Lee Hyun Woo who’s also 30 years old rounds up the leads as history teacher Lee Bo Gyum whose character is not who he seems.

The K-drama based on a webtoon of the same name experienced peaks at 2.8% and lows at 1.5% on MBC, struggling to consistently breach the 2% mark. It certainly fell short when the fantasy premise complimented with its cast had drummed up expectations. Some blame the weekly scheduling that made the show feel like it took needlessly long to air.

A Good Day To Be a Dog wrapped its run keeping to its series low of 1.5%, same as its previous episode. Nonetheless, there’s no denying that among the highlights were the kiss scenes, notably the emotionally charged moment where Seo Won breaks Hae Na’s curse. It also delivered up a happy conclusion for everyone including supporting characters like the members of the Han family. The main couple who got together again were given more sweet moments for the finale. Hae Na and Seo Won’s adoption of a dog also signalled a fitting end to the characters’ arcs. Even mountain spirit Bo-gyum who realized his mistake and move to a beach is seen at the end with Ji-A. With the finale, the cast also took to their respective social media accounts to thank their viewers.

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