Hong Kong Director Wong Jing’s Daughter Has a New Career After Quitting Showbiz

Wong Jing daughter
Ada Wong and her famous dad Wong Jing
Ada Wong and her famous dad Wong Jing
Photos: dadadawongx /Instagram

Popular Hong Kong producer and director Wong Jing is responsible for the careers of many stars like Chingmy Yau and Rachel Lee so it’s no surprise to hear his daughter Ada Wong also had her sights set on showbiz. What was totally unexpected though was the news of her quitting TVB in late summer this year and then pivoting towards a brand new career as an office worker!  

When she first entered showbiz, Ada shared early on that she’s determined to make it on her own. But with Wong Jing as her dad, it’s inevitable that her foray into the entertainment industry would be so well scrutinized. Indeed, having a famous father in the business may have had its perks, but it probably also meant people held her to a much higher standard. Whereas rookies have the leeway to try out different genres to see what suits them, some of the projects Ada had undertaken were sometimes deemed not good as expected. And for an actress that’s just starting to build her portfolio, that may not have been too ideal. Whatever the case, many were surprised by Ada’s sudden announcement in August that she was leaving TVB.

Since then, Ada has mostly kept herself out of the public eye.  But it looks like her time away from the industry is way more permanent than just taking a breather. In a recent Q&A on social media, Ada revealed that these days, she’s busy with a new job and that she’s livin’ it up as an office lady.

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