Rainie Yang in Hot Water Over a Bad Joke, But It’s Not the First Time

Rainie Yang in concert
Photo: Rainie Yang / Weibo

Oops she did it again? It seems Taiwanese singer-actress Rainie Yang put her foot in her mouth yet again when audiences attending her concert in Zhengzhou took umbrage to a careless comment she made about how “people from Henan province love to lie”. The 39-year-old was in the middle of cajoling audiences to point out the couple caught kissing on camera when it happened.  People from Henan, don’t be like this please. You already have a reputation you know? That you love to lie. Don’t lie to me” she joked.

Rainie Yang Apology
Rainie apologies for the offensive and disrespectful joke she made at her Zhengzhou concert. “I’m sorry.
It is indeed my fault, and I accept everyone’s corrections and criticisms.”

The thing is, what she thought was a joke certainly didn’t sit well with Chinese Netizens who have resorted to slamming the star online. Likewise, some resorted to filing complaints with authorities responsible for approving concerts in the city. Meanwhile, angry Netizens even went so far as to dig up old gaffes she’d committed with her careless words in the past.

Third Time’s NOT the Charm

Apparently, this is already the third time Rainie’s comments left a sour taste in people’s mouths. In 2003 while hosting the Taiwanese show Guess Guess Guess with seasoned host Jacky Wu, he first asked her how long the war against Imperial Japan lasted and said it took 8 years when she didn’t know the answer. In response, she laughingly said, “Only 8 years.” At the time, another guest reacted, “how is 8 years considered ‘only’?” Rainie admitted that it took her a long time to comeback from that comment – that she had made a mistake but it also resulted in 15 years of online bullying to be exact. It wasn’t until 2017 that she finally explained that her laughing on the show was her way of making fun of herself for being stupid.

Rainie’s second time came in September of last year during an episode of The Journey of Poetic Soul S3. Her comments on the show about how eating seafood in Taiwan was “a luxury there” and her claims that she grew up in Taipei but “I am a Guangdong person” roused another barrage of controversy for the entertainer. Many slammed her claim how seafood was a luxury in Taiwan when it’s surrounded by water.

In her defence, some Netizens said her comments were taken out of context. Rainie was talking about how difficult her early years were and that eating seafood was something she personally didn’t have the luxury of whilst still living in Taiwan.

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