“Love Me Love My Voice” Neatly Wraps Up Finale With Zero Dramas Till the End

Love Me Love My Voice
Love Me Love My Voice
Love Me Love My Voice stars Tan Jianci and Zhou Ye

In a sea of dramas with twisty and complex plots that sometimes border the ridiculous, Tan Jianci and Zhou Ye’s Love Me Love My Voice 很想很想你 is a breath of fresh air for how easy it is to watch. The series has been described as having a plot that’s nothing too contrived with zero misunderstandings, zero bad guys between its couples. So if you find yourself looking for something to decompress from some of the more convoluted and “stressful” dramas out there, this warm modern romance showcasing the life of voice actors might just be the thing.

Now if you’re hoping to binge this for the holidays, you’re in for a treat because the series already aired its last episode on Christmas Eve. And, much like its easy going plot, you can basically expect the show’s finale to be the same. In a nutshell, everyone gets their happy ending.

A Happy Ending for All

Mo Qingcheng and Gu Sheng end up getting married. At least that’s the impression the show hinted at with the sweet scenes they threw in of the couple kitted out in wedding outfits for a (pre-wedding?) photoshoot. From a professional standpoint, things also worked out for Mo Qingcheng as he did indeed find the “voice” that had been haunting him so long .. turns out it was Gu Sheng all along.

Love Me Love My Voice
Zhou Zheng and Geng Xiaoxing

Meanwhile, it looks like things also worked out for the two other couples on the show. Zhou Zheng and Geng Xiaoxing looked super cute together in the last scene when Xiaoxing pinched his chin. Thank goodness he finally got past his fear of getting rejected by Xiaoxing. Feng Yasong and Doudou also got their happy ending when they finally got past the age difference and how he was still in high school when they first met.

Love Me Love My Voice
Yasong and Doudou

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