Lee Sun-Kyun Found Dead In An Apparent Suicide

Photo: hoduent / Instagram

Amidst the festivities of the holidays, K-ent receives dark news as 48-year-old South Korean actor Lee Sun-Kyun was found unconscious in a car with a charcoal briquette on December 27. Before that, his wife reported that her husband left the house after he wrote an apparent suicide note.

Lee, once lauded for his nuanced performances in films like the Oscar-winning Parasite, had seen his name tarnished in recent months by allegations of drug abuse. Back in October, both he and fellow star G-dragon were hit with travel restrictions after being accused of illicitly using marijuana and psychotropic substances. The scandal caused him to drop out of the upcoming thriller No Way Out and was replaced by Cho Jin-Woong. While G-dragon was cleared after testing negative and cooperating with authorities, Lee Sun-kyun’s path took a darker turn.

He faced three rounds of police questioning, maintaining his innocence and claiming he had been tricked by a hostess into taking the drugs, mistaking them for sleeping pills. However, the mounting pressure and public scrutiny appeared to take their toll.

His recent projects include Killing Romance where he starred alongside Honey Lee and and black-comedy-horror Sleep. Let’s all offer a silent prayer to the late actor and the family he’s left behind.

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