Jackson Wang Suddenly Cancels Beijing Concert Over Health Reasons and Offers Very Generous Compensation

Jackson Wang‘s Magic Man world tour, inspired by his second studio album, hit a snag last week when the Beijing leg scheduled on December 2 was abruptly canceled. Just a day before the highly anticipated concert, the singer announced he wouldn’t be able to take the stage due to health reasons.

But the 29-year-old performer didn’t leave his fans hanging. On December 4, concert organizers (华乐非凡) swiftly announced a generous compensation plan that exceeded the usual ticket refunds. It aims to ease the disappointment not only for local fans but also those who had made travel arrangements for the Beijing concert. Fans who provide proof of travel and accommodation within a specific timeframe can claim reimbursement for plane tickets, train fares, and hotel bookings. The limit for each is up to RMB 2000 (approx US$ 280) one way for domestic, RMB 5000 (approx US$ 700) for international flights and up to RMB 800 (approx US$110) for one night stay at a Beijing hotel.

This unexpected move sent shockwaves through the fandom as it isn’t just about the money (although, honestly, who wouldn’t want this kind of reimbursement, right?), it was the gesture and the way Jackson acknowledged the effort and expense fans put into being there for him. The reimbursement is available to everyone regardless if they choose to have their ticket refunded or not. Many wonder if this will now set a precedent for other artists having concerts.

While fans eagerly await the Beijing concert to be rescheduled, many expressed their understanding and appreciation for the way the cancellation has been handled. Many also sent well wishes for Jackson’s speedy recovery.

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