Han So-Hee Touching Upon Japanese War Atrocities in New Post Promoting “Gyeongseong Creature” Ignites Debate

Han So-Hee Angers Japanese Netizens Who Vow to Boycott Her Drama Gyeongseong Creature After Recent Instagram Post Was Deemed ‘Anti-Japanese’
Photos: Netflix Korea / Instagram and Han So-hee/ Instagram

South Korean actress Han So-hee was recently in a controversy after some Netizens accused her of being anti-Japanese. To promote her Netflix drama Gyeongseong Creature with Park Seo Joon which is currently on air, the popular actress took to social media to share several stills from the show, including a photo of Korean independence activitist Ahn Jung Geun. It can be remembered that the Korean independence fighter is oft regarded as a martyr in Korea, having been posthumously awarded the Order of Merit for National Foundation. He is also recognised for assassinating Japanese politician Ito Hirobumi.

Gyeongseong Creature is a historical mystery slash thriller set in 1945 Korea when they were still under Japanese colonial rule. “Not the romance of Gyeongseong, not the creatures of the Japanese colonial period, but the story of people battling against monsters born from experiments that turned humans into instruments. That spring, a brilliant and dark time when only through embracing each other with love could we become stronger” she wrote.

Photo: xeesoxee / Instagram

However, as the topic is considered a highly sensitive one for both countries – Gyeongseong Creature also touches on the subject of human experimentation conducted by imperial Japan , it has angered some Japanese fans who expressed their disappointment and also vowed to boycott the show after accusing her of being anti-Japanese.  In one of the comments on the post, a Netizen said “although I really wanted to watch it, it takes a lot of courage – being Japanese, to do so. To be honest, this post saddens me as a fan”. So-hee remained firm about her initial post and responded, “it’s sad, but it’s the truth. But thank you nonetheless for your courage.”

Meanwhile, many fans also came to her defence, applauding the actress for her patriotism and for putting the spotlight on Korea’s past under Japanese imperialism.  It’s now led to a heated discussion in her comments section.

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