Chris Wu Kangren: From Autumn’s Concerto to Golden Horse Best Actor

Wu Kangren
Wu Kangren
Wu Kangren and his newest award Photo: 金馬 / Facebook

Chris Wu Kangren has certainly come a long way from getting his start as a supporting actor to award winning industry heavyweight. Last week, the 41-year-old actor finally bagged Best Actor at the 60th Golden Horse Awards. With his unparalleled dedication to his craft – the actor is known to be super “method”, oft going through drastic physical transformations for certain roles, seeing him hold up that little golden statue is inevitable.

Wu Kangren made his acting debut in 2007. But it was his role two years later in the super popular drama Autumn’s Concerto 下一站, 幸福 that saw his career skyrocketing. He was 27 years old then. As the second male lead, Wu Kangren played Hua Tuoye, Ady An’s bestie in the show. Well now, more than a decade later, the Taiwanese actor has gone on to greater heights. In 2016, Wu Kangren won Best Actor for the Golden Bell Award for the period drama A Touch of Green 一把青 set during the Communist Revolution.

Wu Kangren
Left: The Taiwanese actor dropped 11 kilos for Lady the Butterfly and Right: Packing on 20 kilos for I Missed You

As an actor, Wu Kangren is very much willing to challenge himself and take on different roles. Some of his roles required him to undergo drastic changes to his body which is quite mind-blowing to be honest. For the docudrama Lady the Butterfly, he not only shed 11 kilograms but also shaved his head and got super tanned. Later, he gained all the weight back plus some more (20 kilos) for the movie I Missed You. For his most recent project – the multi award winning Malaysian film Abang Adik which just released in Taiwan on December 1, 2023, the actor once again lost weight like crazy. He revealed that he only snacked on nuts to satisfy his hunger. Talk about dedication to his craft!

Nonetheless, it’s great to see all his hard work finally pay off.

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