Chen Meifeng Can Still Pass for a Much Younger Woman at 67

Chen Meifeng
Chen Meifeng
Photo(s): immeifen / Facebook

Oh my goodness. How is Chen Meifeng already 67 when she hardly looks it? The Taiwanese actress has literally been in the industry for over 40 years, and her recent public appearance certainly turned heads. Someone even commented that she could’ve been mistaken for a member of a Korean girl group in her 20s as she sported bubble gum pink shoulder-length wig with a low-cut blazer and sexy fishnet stockings.

The 67-year-old previously stressed that religiously paying attention to a good skincare regime and exercise is paramount to maintaining her youthfulness. No wonder she’s often referred to as Taiwan’s most beautiful obasan (auntie). But just like any celeb, Chen Meifeng also has her fair share of haters who bash her for having a lot of work done.

Whilst that may be a part of her age-defying secret to looking ageless, Chen Meifeng says that a disciplined lifestyle is the secret to maintaining a good figure. Amongst her tips that anyone can totally follow, she said she follows a light diet – no starch for dinner and eat plenty of vegetables which are cooked simply. Ginger is also one of her secrets whether in her soup or in her tea. She advises drinking warm water on an empty stomach right after waking up and eat an apple before anything else. As for exercise, she says she does yoga and weight training to maintain her figure.

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