Jerron Wu Difei Quits Showbiz For Health Reasons

Wu Difei
Jerron Wu Difei

Chinese actor Jerron Wu Difei is retiring from showbiz. The 24-year-old surprised everyone with his  announcement saying his disappearance from the public eye was because of an illness which now makes him unable to continue filming dramas. In the short vlog he put together with his news, Wu Difei said he’s starting from zero once again. With a dessert shop to open, he was quite busy learning how to bake, brew great coffee and even make gelato! “Later on I’ll do my best to update my retirement vlog. You can watch it like it’s an immersive experience game. I hope this will heal you.”

As a fairly new actor who debuted in 2019, Wu Difei kicked off his acting career with a supporting role in Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain. Now with several supporting roles under his belt, it’s only recently that he’s starting to land himself leading roles. He starred in web dramas like I Belonged to Your World earlier in the year and as the second male lead chasing the heroine in the more recent Dear Mr. Hermitage. With his career just starting to pick up, it’s quite unfortunate he has to quit now. But then again, staying healthy is even more important. We wish him all the best in his new endeavour.

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