Ray Lui, 67, Says He’s Been Sitting Like This for Decades

Finding a comfortable chair isn’t easy but that kind of woe does not apply to Ray Lui as he has his very own special chair. In a recent video, the Hong Kong actor appeared to be sitting down when a closer look reveals that he’s sitting on air. He captioned the post by saying it’s his “air stool” and invited netizens to try it.

For people like me who can’t even go past 15 squats a day, it seriously looks tiring. Yet the actor has been doing it for decades! He shares he’s been doing it for so long that it just comes natural to him. The actor does his signing and calligraphy all while “sitting down.” He also said he gets to practice Kung Fu which is no surprise given that the basic Horse Stance, or Mabu, helps in strengthening the legs and back.

Ray Lui has been practicing the horse stance for decades

While it’s impressive, some expressed their concern. “This is particularly bad for the knees, you will feel it when you’re older!” one commenter exclaimed. I guessed some of them forgot that Ray technically isn’t young anymore. Despite being known for his ageless appearance, the Vietnam-born actor who was born on December 22, 1955 will be turning 68 years old next month. Some quipped that “older” by Ray’s definition might not be till he’s 100 years old since he certainly seems to still be at his prime physique.

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